Request streaming or recording

Live streaming major events

  • AppTV, Appalachian State University's television channel, is able to live stream many campus events such as major lectures. Live streaming can be useful if you have individuals who cannot attend the actual event but want to view the event as it occurs online. 
  • There is an hourly fee associated with AppTV's services. 
  • Appalachian faculty and staff may contact Rob Gelber, General Manager of AppTV, to discuss whether AppTV may be able to stream their event. 
  • Please contact AppTV as far in advance of your event as possible. 

Recording events in the Plemmons Student Union

  • The Plemmons Student Union is able to record some events taking place in the Student Union. 
  • Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis; recording may not be possible for some events depending on the event, venue, and available staffing and technology resources. 
  • Contact Daniel Lightfoot, A/V Technology Manager for the Plemmons Student Union, for more information. 
  • Please contact PSU as far in advance of your event as possible. 

Recording meetings and allowing remote participation

  • All Appalachian students, faculty and staff have access to Zoom, a web conferencing tool that allows two-way audio, video, chat, screen sharing, recording, and more.
  • Since Zoom can be used to host and record meetings with with both in-person and online participants, it can be an excellent tool for search committees (e.g., for interviews or recording of candidate presentations) and for faculty/staff meetings
  • For more information about Zoom, see the Zoom support site or place a video conference request with the Center for Academic Excellence. 
  • A minimum of two weeks' advance notice is required for search committees requesting video conferencing or recording services for candidate interviews. 

Embedding live streams or recordings in your website or AsULearn course

  • Contact Web Services at if you would like to embed a live stream or recording in your Appalachian Drupal website, or if you are managing a personnel search and would like to post recordings of candidate presentations to the Searches site. 
  • See the Zoom and faculty support sections of the AsULearn Support site if you would like to host a Zoom meeting through AsULearn or post a recording to your AsULearn course site.